Lifelong Learner Lottery funds Childcare for Working Parents

Not all lotteries are created equal and many state lotteries fall short in different areas for different reasons. We’ve waited so long for a pragmatic and sustainable Alabama Lottery that we should be able to get it more than right by now. My team and I have studied what has and hasn’t worked in other states and we’re proud of the plan we’ve developed. We’re thrilled that the Lifelong Learner Lottery helps fund QUALITY EDUCATIONAL CHILDCARE for working parents, to fully meet the need for Pre-K 4. That way, Alabama families can put more of their own hard-earned dollars to work paying their bills and putting food on their tables.

But the The Lifelong Learner Lottery go’s beyond Pre-K 4 – accounting for cutting-edge career-tech opportunities for high school students while filling the gap between Pell grants and the cost of college tuition. A lottery plan that steps out of the usual box is a smart way for our state to win big. And luck will have nothing to do with it.


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