What I’ve Seen

When I was 25, I began the sobering business of donning a black robe, sitting in a courtroom and looking into the weary eyes of Alabama’s forgotten: struggling single mothers, innocent children, addicts, the abused, the abusers and the abandoned. I hope you never witness the things I saw in my years on the bench. If you did, I fear it would haunt you forever.

Thankfully for me, these encounters also lit a fire—a fire I have never been able to put out, even when I wondered if there was anything left in me to burn. The faces seared into my young brain have compelled me to roll up my sleeves my entire life. The strained voices now urgently push me to take on whatever is necessary to build and repair the basics desperately needed by ALL of us. So, I am running for governor to provide the building blocks necessary for decent human existence, ones that were long-ago abandoned by Montgomery; sacrificed at the alter of greed and political power. Things like: healthcare and community hospitals; education that prepares students of every age for today’s job market, and in so doing, also attracts new industries to the state; better jobs that pay AT LEAST a living wage; safety, whether it’s protecting our natural resources like our water to our or addressing our failing prison system.

Every one of us comes to our convictions our own way. I come to mine as a committed public servant and as a proud, lifelong Democrat. I am running for governor because, beyond personal gain and ideology, there seems to be a paucity of Alabama leaders who possess any true convictions at all. I humbly ask for your support and for your vote.

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