Mark Johnston Endorsement for Sue Bell Cobb

I could not be more excited about this endorsement from Rev. Mark Johnston. He truly walks the walk every single day. He is the founder of the West Alabama Food Bank, the Alabama Folk School, GASP and ADEM Reform Coalition. He is a small business owner, building by hand quality houses for people of modest means. He has been the executive director of Camp McDowell, part of the Episcopal diocese of Alabama. Because of his stewardship, the organization has grown exponentially and touches the lives of Alabamians of all ages and from all walks. He and his wife Maggie devotedly live out their belief in leaving the Earth, the people on it—and virtually everything they touch—better off than when they found it. His support and commitment to work with me is a blessing in the very truest sense.

From the bottom of my heart, Mark, I am honored. And I thank you.

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