Lifelong Learner Lottery funds critical job training for Alabama workers

Republicans are quick to tell us how many new jobs they’ve brought to the state lately. But they’re mum about how many of those new jobs are being filled by out-of-state workers. That’s right. More than 100,000 jobs in Alabama are given to workers from Tennessee and Georgia and beyond who have training and skills our workers are lacking. That’s just crazy. You and I know that recruiting industry to our state is pointless, if doing so doesn’t lead to better employment opportunities—and a path to self-sufficiency—for Alabama’s workers.

The solution? Provide the training Alabamians need to succeed. That’s exactly what funds from my Lifelong Learner Lottery do. Starting in high-school, well before graduation, students will be introduced to careers that do not require a 4-year college degree. Their interest and aptitude for these types of jobs will be stoked and honed by cutting-edge training. Not only will this help us grow our future workforce, it will keep drop-out rates and juvenile crime rates low, and ever dropping. Alabama needs leaders who think about citizens not just at the top, but at the bottom and the middle. Alabama deserves leaders who provide smart solutions that move everyone up the ladder. If you agree, please vote for me as Alabama’s next governor on June 5.

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