Childcare provision makes Lifelong Learner Lottery standout from the crowd

Several candidates running for governor this year have come out in favor of a lottery for Alabama. I’m glad they followed my lead, because our state desperately needs the revenue a lottery is sure to generate, no matter who is next to sit in the governor’s chair.

But not all lotteries are created equal. For example, the Lifelong Learner Lottery I’ve proposed would not only fund PreK-4, it would provide funds for CHILDCARE to some of our states neediest workers. Childcare is a necessity, particularly for single, working mothers. And it is an expensive one. The cost of childcare can eat 50% or more what a wage-earner tries to bring home. If a parent is earning a meager minimum wage, as so many Alabama workers do, income left over after childcare barely covers groceries. The Lifelong Learner Lottery is the ONLY one taking this need of so many into consideration. Doesn’t Alabama need smart, creative solutions that benefit us all, for a change? If you believe it does, please vote for me to become Alabama’s Governor on June 5.

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