The Alabama Supreme Court lacks diversity

The population of Alabama is over 50% female and 30% citizens of color. With Governor Ivey’s recent judicial appointments, the Alabama Supreme Court is 100% white and 100% Republican. Only two of the nine Justices are women. These are the people who make serious, long-term, wide-reaching decisions that affect individuals, communities, and businesses. Our court should reflect our people and bring a depth of understanding that mirrors our citizenry. There were many highly-qualified candidates who could have helped make this happen. I want to be clear; I am not disparaging the guys who were appointed. I just know that appellate courts are at their best when they incorporate a diversity of experiences and viewpoints.

Governor Ivey, through her appointments, has made it very clear that she is not committed to ensuring all Alabamians are represented. As governor, I will introduce reforms to the appointment process that will involve a bi-partisan system that seeks the most qualified individuals who mirror the demographic and geographic make-up of our state. Alabama’s government has never been known for being open and accountable. It’s time for that to change.

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