Alabama “Leaders” Have Put Us in a Dangerous Situation

A state emergency has been declared in Alabama because of aggressive flu outbreaks. What a horrible time to also have our hospitals in a state of crisis due to funding shortages. There are steps we can each take to try to reduce the chance of flu in our homes, schools and workplaces. But steps to appropriately fund our hospitals can only be made by our leaders in Montgomery. Surely, they must be working day and night to try to address this dangerous problem, right? But have you heard any elected official talking about their relentless efforts to try stave off the hospital closures happening rapidly across the state? Because I have not. Meanwhile, families across Alabama are suddenly finding themselves and gravely ill loved ones many miles from the nearest emergency room. And the hospitals that do remain open are bursting at the seams with sick patients. This is a travesty. And it’s one entirely created by lack of state leadership. Greatly improving access to hospital care for our citizens, and saving the jobs of healthcare workers in the process, is a major priority for me. Vote for me for governor and I vow to make the healing begin. Before any more precious Alabama lives are affected.

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