It’s time for citizens to have a leader who will take them fearlessly, confidently and honestly toward a better future for all.

What people are saying about Sue Bell Cobb

“Without her leadership, I fear for our community healthcare. I fear for the residents who look to us for employment opportunities that will sustain their families. I fully support Justice Cobb in her candidacy for governor in 2018. It’s time.”

Billy Jones
Billy JonesPresident, Crowne Health Care

“As Chief Justice she believed in women rights, when I was told that she would be retiring I cried. She will be the best Governor because she is for all the people and I know that the needs of the women and children of our state will be met.”

Roberta Crenshaw
Roberta CrenshawReentry Designee, ADOC

“Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb’s years of focus on family and Alabama’s future (our children and youth) moved me to learn more about her service to this great State. I knew then and I am evermore convinced now that Alabama needs the kind of focus and leadership Sue Bell Cobb has and can offer moving forward.”

Jonathan Davis
Jonathan DavisMagistrate, City of Montgomery

“Sue Bell Cobb has my support for governor because she has fought for women for decades. Not just when the lights were on or the cameras were rolling. She truly believes in equal treatment and opportunity for everyone. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL.”

Lilly Ledbetter
Lilly LedbetterActivist, Equal Pay for Women

“I support Sue Bell Cobb for Governor of Alabama because of her lifelong commitment to helping children. Children are our most vulnerable demographic and most in need of our help. If elected Governor, Sue Bell Cobb will make our children her top priority.”

Richard Labovitz
Richard LabovitzStudent, Loyola University Chicago Law

“I believe Sue Bell Cobb is not only the right choice, but our only real choice for governor. She has real-world plans to take Alabama forward for a change, and a record proving that she is uniquely qualified to do just that…”

Suzanne Durham
Suzanne DurhamCEO (Retired), YWCO Birmingham

“Your excellent record as the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and your honesty, fairness, thoughtfulness and willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s concerns, sets you far apart from the other candidates running for office…”

Dr. Maryluz Fuentes
Dr. Maryluz FuentesFamily Practice Physician

Sue Bell Cobb is our greatest hope for a new era of unparalleled prosperity and quality of life for all Alabamians.”

J. Norman Baldwin
J. Norman BaldwinAuthor of Winning at Following


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